Will I Be Able To Be Hypnotised ?

Everyone can be hypnotised, but you have to want to be able to do it, There are 4 requirement needed to be hypnotised:-

Motivation – You Must Want To Be Hypnotised

Imagination – You Will Use Your Imagination

Concentration – You will use your ability to concentrate

Suggestion – You will hear and respond to suggestion

How Do You Put People Into Hypnosis ?

By using words, a soothing tone, use of mental imagery and techniques such as deep breathing to induce a deep state of relaxation.

Is Hypnosis Mind Control ?

Not at all, no one under hypnosis can be made to do anything against their will.  You are fully aware of what you are doing and saying whilst under hypnosis, your core beliefs and ethics do not change when hypnotised, so you can not do or say anything you are not comfortable with.

Can I Get Stuck In A State Of Hypnosis ?

No, hypnosis is very safe and is a natural state of mind, a person can not be forced into a state of hypnosis against their will.  For example if you were under hypnosis and  a fire alarm went off you would be able to naturally bring yourself out of hypnosis and leave the room.

What Does Hypnosis Feel Like ?

It is generally a very nice calming relaxing experience, clients often report feelings of total relaxation and peace, or a feeling of being energised after a session of hypnotherapy. You may experience feelings of lightness and letting go or feelings of heaviness as you relax, some people feel tingling sensations as energy moves around the body. Some people may cry during a session as long held feelings of sadness, frustration, anger or anxiety are released.  All these feeling a perfectly normal and the therapist will be there to guide you through the whole session.

Can Anyone Have Hypnotherapy ?

People with epilepsy, psychosis, recently undergone heart surgery or under the influence of non prescription drugs, or alcohol should not have hypnotherapy.

How Long Does It Take To Feel The Benefit ?

It can have an immediate effect for anxiety, or driving test or exam nerves and breaking some habbits such as nail biting.  For more deep rooted problems it can take several sessions before the effects are felt.

How Much Does A Session Cost ?

There is an initial free 30 minute telephone consultation.  Each face to face one hour session costs £50 per session. Sessions may run over if needed and the client is not under a time constraint, but no extra charge will be made for this.