Hypnotherapy is a calm and tranquil state of mind where you can focus your attention on your inner self. It is a very safe and relaxing experience, rather like a deep state of meditation. You are not asleep or unconscious but in fact are in an extremely alert state of mind allowing yourself to focus completely on the areas that you need to work on.

Hypnosis works by allowing your conscious mind to rest and almost step backwards to allow your subconscious mind to be awakened. It is the subconscious part of the mind that is responsible for 90% of our brain activity and allows us to do things without thinking about them such as breathing, walking, talking and driving etc. Unfortunately it is this part of the mind that can work irrationally and can suddenly take over if we have a fear or anxiety about something or a habit we are struggling to break.

During ´╗┐hypnosis´╗┐ you will find the deep state of relaxation very pleasant and your mind will remain clear and focused throughout. You will remain in total control throughout the session and the hypnotherapist just leads the way. You will hear the hypnotherapists voice, you will be able to speak if you want to and you will be able to open your eyes and move your body at any time should you want to. Your body and mind are not controlled in anyway.

Once you reach a deep state of relaxation the subconscious mind is able to absorb information more efficiently. With the help of the hypnotherapist they can give positive suggestions and use other techniques to help to find solutions to the issues you have been dealing with, to help you to make the therapeutic changes necessary to successfully overcome your problems.


You may have a fear of birds and your conscious mind may tell you there is nothing to be scared of and that you are being irrational when you see a bird, you may consciously do everything in your power to stop the fear.

However, if your unconscious mind is still holding onto the fear of birds then you will not succeed in overcoming the fear.

Results can only be achieved when the subconscious mind can be focused to think differently about deep routed beliefs or feelings, and you can then remove or alter these feeling or beliefs in a way that will give you positive results.

This process can be applied to many different things that a client may be struggling with it could be stopping smoking, over eating, nail biting, low self esteem, depression anxiety, OCD, fear/ phobia, a traumatic event or dealing with pain or a chronic illness.

Once the hypnotherapist has helped you to awaken the subconscious mind they can then help you to look deeper into to why the problem has been occurring. They can then give you positive suggestions and other techniques to help the mind to overcome the issues being faced to facilitate permanent improvements and resolutions to the issue.